Medical Professionals

A Smile Train surgeon from Indonesia lifts a patient

Safety & Quality

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 is transforming how medical providers care for patients around the globe. As the world focuses on how to come together to combat COVID-19, Smile Train has received a number of resources that have been developed by experts at the WHO, WFSA, CDC, and ASA, among many others. We are pleased to share these resources for your reference in case they can be helpful and will rely on you determine whether these are useful for your context and how best to adapt these resources for your health systems.

Best Practice Resources

Smile Train Partners must meet extremely high standards of cleft care. Leverage our document and video library of Best Practice Resources to help you provide the safest, highest quality cleft surgery and comprehensive care services.

Smile Train Express

 This free, secure, web-based patient database is accessible to Smile Train partners and available in seven languages. It currently hosts more than one million patient surgery records and thousands of nutrition, speech and orthodontic patient records. The system empowers Smile Train partners to organise their comprehensive care services and research trends in their patient populations.

Medical Advisory Board

Smile Train’s Global Medical Advisory Board is comprised of many of the best and brightest cleft experts in the world, from surgeons to anesthesiologists to orthodontists to speech therapists. It works closely with regional Medical Advisory Councils – such as in Mexico, India, China, Brazil and Africa – to set the standards for safety and quality for every Smile Train partner and program.

Meet the Medical Advisory Board

Education & Training

Virtual Surgery Simulator

Partnering with BioDigital Inc., we have created the world's first web-based, free, comprehensive cleft simulator representing the next step in the evolution of cleft training. While its content is primarily targeted towards surgeons, the anatomy sections also offer dynamic training for cleft speech therapists, dentists, and orthodontists.

Training Programmes

We offer free educational tools and technology that will help you learn and teach in ways you never imagined.

Comprehensive Support

Bauru CLC Staff

Grant Programs

Focus exclusively on programs related to cleft lip and palate. Focus on the poorest countries with the highest incidence of clefts. 

cleft patient evaluation in Mozambique

Patient & Family Resources

Resources for families and individuals affected by cleft lip and palate.

Medical Professionals


All of our partners are united by a common goal: helping children who have no place else to turn. If this is your goal, we’d like to partner with you.

two children playing Smile Train speech therapy app

Mobile Speech Services

We have developed a free, interactive speech services app with stories, games, and songs for children with clefts. This fun app is available in English and Spanish and encourages children to practice more often from the comfort of their own home for better speech outcomes.