Stacey and Dylan Bone

41 and 18 months, respectively, West Sussex

Stacey and Dylan Bone
“I feel confident about my smile now and I am proud of the journey I have been on to get to this stage.”

Stacey was an exuberant child, until other children made it clear she had no right to smile with such confidence. So she hid it behind her hand in public. She didn’t regain her natural confidence until her wedding day. “I really felt beautiful,” she says.

After learning her son would have a cleft, knowing what could be in store for him terrified her.

Stacey has worked every day to empower Dylan to use the natural pride he has in his smile to rise above any harsh treatment he may encounter.


Her advice for parents expecting a baby who has a cleft: “Take all the help that’s offered; don’t be afraid to talk about it. Connect with other parents going through the same things as you, trust your instincts, get professional photos and take lots of photos yourself. If you have other children, be open and honest and involve them with everything. Most of all, be proud!”